Beautiful. Perfect. Carden Cottage.

Picture this - You're sitting on your porch reading a book, every now and then looking up to watch a sailboat pass quietly across Penobscot Bay on the rocky mid-coast of Maine.  The silence is punctuated by the laughter of your children and their friends as they make their way to the village pier to jump into the cold Atlantic.  You smile knowing that they are safe -the entire village is watching them just as it has for the last one hundred and fifty years.  Your thoughts drift to the lobster you plan to make for dinner, lobster like none other, so fresh it was swimming in the ocean that morning. Sounds like the perfect dream, right? This is not a dream, this is Carden Cottage.

Bayside has been a summer retreat for almost one hundred and fifty years.  Originally founded as a Methodist tent camp, Bayside settled into being a quaint little village of cheek-to-jowl Victorian cottages where generations of families and friends escape to a simpler time.

We invite you to escape to Carden Cottage.

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